Take A Trip To Redhill

Redhill has an interesting history and is a great place to visit on your holidays or for a weekend.  Previous to the arrival of the train lines, the neighborhood scene in which Redhill is set right now was really a peaceful countryside backwater, with the low stretching areas primarily peat bog ground and higher areas primarily utilized for flourishing grain crops. The location was split into sub-manors of Reigate which in turn consisted of Linkfield, Frenches, Redstone as well as Hooley. Little communities existed all around Linkfield Street; Linkfield Lane and Wiggie. The earliest public house was certainly the White Lion in Linkfield Street. The London city to Brighton road built c. 1818 turned out in quick growth all around Warwick Road as well as North Street, in which ended up being known as Warwick Town.

Redhill is situated around 2 miles to the east of Reigate city centre as well as 20 miles to the south of London. It takes advantage of three clerical churches, specifically, St John’s created in 1844 which caters to Earlswood, St John’s and Meadvale, St Matthew’s developed in 1867 as well as Holy Trinity created in 1907 both from which provide services to Redhill town and surrounding places.

Along with the establishment of the London city, Brighton and Southern Coastline Train line (circa 1840), Redhill built quickly as a sub-district to Reigate. The train line offered the possibility for folks to relocate right into the country and travel to their job in the city. The terminal was recognized as Reigate up until 1849 when a division line was developed connecting Redhill, Reigate, Guildford and Reading. This was then recognized as Reigate Junction up until 1858 but after that as Redhill Junction, turning into Redhill in 1929. Station Road converged by the London City to Brighton roadway came to be the primary shopping regions of the city, and by 1901 the human population of Redhill had raised to 26,000.

So as you can see, Redhill has a splendid history.  Why not visit for a weekend break or during one of the bank holidays in 2017.  Below are some more historical interesting facts about Redhill and the surrounding area:

  • Throughout the 2nd World War, the region was thought of as a protected area and roughly 5,000 evacuated youngsters were moved there in 1939
  • About 800 volunteers registered with the Home Guard– a couple of gun happy, cumbersome volunteers signified the 5 bullets that they were provided with must only be loaded if ‘encountered by the opposing forces’
  • Redhill Terminal was essential in the evacuation of British Military troops coming from Dunkirk, France in May 1940 when it dealt with more than 600 trains as well as 300,000 soldiers.
  • In August on the 15th, 1940, the district was a target for the German Air Force and 125 projectiles were dropped within an hour
    Throughout this time dog fights could very well be viewed in the sky all over the community and 3 opponent airplanes were shot down
  • In August on the 18th, 14 bombs were without a doubt dropped in a path in between Church Street within Reigate and Hatchlands Road– killing five individuals

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