Chinese Sky Lanterns

There has been a lot of talk regarding sky lanterns and the safety of sky lanterns recently.  In this post, we’ll cover a few of the most frequently asked questions about sky lanterns and the best ways to use them in a safe manner.
Skies lanterns should be released outside in a wide and clear open area which is free from obstacles that may be overhead. These obstacles can be trees, power lines and satellite dishes . It is suggested to start on a night that is clear for optimum visibility and the best enjoyment. Also you should always ensure that you keep your sky lanterns away from liquids and combustible materials.

chinese sky lanterns

What is the best weather for Sky Lanterns?

When it’s raining don’t use skies lanterns. The rainwater will make significant weight changes within the lantern thus changing the manner in will it will fly. Havy rain will rip through the biodegradable paper outer layer, causing the skies lantern drop prematurely to ground and to extinguish.  It’s best to re-lease them ona night when the weather is clear. Also do not use chinese sky lanterns when it is particularly windy.  it is not recommended to release sky lanterns when the wind speed is above 5mph.

Some councils have strict rules or have even banned sky lanterns.  So please check with your local authority be releasing any.  Also do not release them near a coastline of near to airports.

How long do Chinese sky lanterns fly for?

The fuel cell in a sky lantern will burn for around 8-10 minutes. When they are used in perfect climate conditions, skies lanterns will easily reach heights of over 1000 feet ( but generally above 700 feet and below 1600 feet). They can often travel for distances of over 2 miles before they begin to float back to the ground to biodegrade and extinguish.

What happens when the fueI is used-up?

Chinese sky lanterns are usually produced from 100% bio degradable rice-paper on a natural bamboo framework. This is enables then to decompose in a safe a way as possible and rapidly with almost no influence to the environment around them.
There is absolutely no fuel or anything that can start a fire left to glow once the fuel cell has expired.

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